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Immigrant's Weekly Apr 23, 2007
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H-1B Cap Drives Businesses Overseas

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the worldís largest business federation representing more than three million businesses, wrote in a letter to the members of the Congress that, "The inability of these companies to bring highly educated workers and students into the United States severely hurts their competitiveness in the global market and often leads to companies moving operations overseas."

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More H-1B Visas? There May Be Good News For Professional Workers
Root Law Group writes "The Skil Bill is now being pushed again in Congress and if approved may result in an increase in the annual H-1B cap from 65,000 to 115,000. Additionally, it may streamline Green Card Processing by establishing a pre-certification procedure that is designed to eliminate duplicate documentation of the employer that is common to multiple petitions. It also provides employers with an option to expedited processing of such visa petitions."

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Dear Weekly Editor:
I am writing this letter in response to Dale Sutthoff's letter that appears in your 4/13/07 edition. Mr. Sutthoff's letter makes some valid points, but Iím afraid that its main thrust is not only incorrect in itís premise, it is based on the faulty logic and mathematically incorrect propaganda so commonly used by anti-immigration reform pundits. Specifically, the letter tries to make the following points, in error: First, that the current wave of Latin American immigrants are a net cost or burden to our tax base because of their consumption of social benefits. Secondly, that America only needs or wants highly educated science and industry leaders, not the "uneducated". As to the first fundamental misconception, one of the most disingenuous arguments made by the anti-immigration reformers is that unskilled laborers cost more in social benefits that they contribute in tax revenue. To understand this complex issue in a macroeconomic nutshell, one has to consider that laborers contribute to our tax base in two ways, directly and indirectly. Most economists will agree that even the direct tax contribution, (the actual tax dollars paid as a percentage of the wages of the wage earners), of unskilled labor outpaces the demand for social benefits paid back to the laborers and their families. However, some far right economists, (such as the Heritage Foundation), have managed to confuse this issue to the extent that we can call this issue undetermined. However, when the indirect tax contribution, (the tax revenue generated by companies that employ unskilled laborers, the tax revenue from employees of those companies other then unskilled laborers Ė ie: executives, managers, administrative staff, etc., and the additional tax revenue of the companies and employees of firms doing business with the companies that employ unskilled labors generated through transactions enabled by the use of the aforementioned unskilled laborers), is calculated into the tax revenue calculations, it becomes clear that the tax revenue generated because of the presence of the unskilled laborers in question far outpaces their consumption of tax revenue. In fact, itís not even close. Their consumption is only a small fraction of their contribution. The anti-immigration reformers simply donít understand this fundamental issue, and in order for the pro-reformers to get the reform that is needed, this point needs to be made public. As to the other misconception that Mr. Suthoff's letter proffers, I would argue that while we should of course welcome highly skilled laborers into this country, it is the unskilled laborers that will provide the fuel to enable our economy to continue to expand. Too many chiefs, and not enough Indians, (pardon the politically incorrect analogy), comes to mind. The fact is that with unemployment at historic lows, we need workers at every level of our economy, not just at the top. Isnít that point obvious?

Robert Gittelson


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