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Immigrant's Weekly August 21, 2006
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Technology Connects

According to a Houston Chronicle news report, "Corporations have used video conferencing technology for several years. But private companies [] have only recently begun to link immigrants with their relatives in Latin America." For the full story, see here.

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Contributions Of Immigrants To The US Military
We present USCIS Director Gonzalez's statement during a hearing before the Senate Committee on Armed Services on July 10, 2006.


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Dear Weekly Editor
Illegal immigration is a big topic right now on the conservative talk shows my husband listens to. I don't like the way those talking about illegal immigration speak of the motives of those who are crossing our border. To make their point they use words like 'greedy, want an easier life, take advantage of our welfare system,' ect. And I'm sure there are illegal immigrants who are doing exactly that. But the ones I know came because they could not feed their families. Because instead of lying awake at night worrying about where tomorrows dinner will come from, they chose to make a very dangerous trip to a place where they can get a job. And when they got here they got a job. And have kept it. A low paying job, but to them, money they can earn is better then not being able to earn any. I understand that we have to guard our borders. That we should limit the number, and choose the quality of immigrants. Why doesn't anyone say anything about the government of Mexico? It is so corrupt, it hurts it's own people, forcing them to leave a country and families they love all for it's own greed. Mexico is a beautiful country and rich in resources, not least of those is Her people. Instead of concentrating our efforts on guarding our borders with force, why don't we use force to make those in power in Mexico change policies and clean up their system? All those Mexican immigrants that you don't want, would rather stay home if they could live there without starving to death.

Darcy Nordvick

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