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Immigrant's Weekly July 5, 2006
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18,000 New Americans

USCIS will host more than 150 special July 4th citizenship ceremonies for 18,000 men, women and children in cities and towns across America.

"As we celebrate our Nation's independence on July 4th, these citizenship ceremonies are a tribute to the memory of our founding fathers who fought to secure freedom and liberty for every citizen and USCIS is doing its part to foster a greater appreciation for these values and welcome new citizens into our American family," USCIS Director Gonzalez said (for the full USCIS press release, see here).
We congratulate America's newest citizens and wish everyone a happy July 4th!

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The H-1B Cap
Gregory Siskind, Esq. writes "The new cap will begin on October 1, 2006, and until then it will be impossible to obtain new H-1B visas for cap subject employees except for visas leftover from the H-1B1 program."


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Tue, Jul 11, 5PM ET Morley Nair, Esq
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Tue, Aug 22, 5PM ETKaren Weinstock, Esq
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Dear Weekly Editor:
While I empathize with Martin R's comments (06/26/06 IW) about the current conventional wisdom placing all the ills of U.S. society at the feet of illegal immigrants, there is another side of the mirror which he conveniently leaves unilluminated. Not all illegals match the profile of the humble, honest, hard-working economic migrants seeling to escape crushing poverty and corruption in their home countries. I have worked with immigrants from both sides of the bench--as a law clerk for the government seeking deportation and in private practice seeking to gain lawful status for clients. Like US citizens, illegal immigrants come in all shapes and sizes. Some do match the profile Martin R's letter suggests, and their plight is pitiable. Others however come as opportunists, seeking only to enjoy the consumer ease of comfort of modern US society, and seek to jump-start their place in that society by engaging in fraud or other criminal activities. They do not really seek permannet place in the American polity, but instead want to treat America as their workplace only. They often bear contempt for America and Americans, which engenders a dismissive attitude toward our laws governing immigration. The dismissive attitude, because it allows persons to continue to exploit American opportunities without a twinge on conscience, has now become so entrenched that foreign governments are advising thier citizens how best to migrate illegally to this country and avoid detection. In order for illegal immigrants to understand the attitude of US Citizens, I often invite them to take the issue down to a personal scale. Let's say you come to this country, work hard, wait for a long time to gain lawful status, have a family, become successful in your work, and buy a beautiful big home for you and your family. Now that your children are grown, your home is probably too big for just you and your wife. There are rooms you rarely go to and you only use one side of your two-car garage. But the home is still yours. One day, you come home and find a family of five has been living in your basement, using your water, your electricity, your garbage cans for almost five years. When you confront them and ask, "By what right did you take up residence in my home without asking my permission?" Their reply: "We are poor and have nothing and you have more than us which you are not using fully." How long would it take for you as the homeowner to call the local police and have these people removed from your house for trespass? The sad reality is that poverty is across the globe. But a sovereign nation cannot permit all the global poor to come to it's shores without restriction and still retain it's sovereignty. As far as illegal immigrants who do come are concerned, be aware that you are in someone else's "house," and behave as you would a guest in a family member's or friend's house. Realize that your countrymen's actions are being judged by yours as their de facto ambassador, and be on your best behavior.

Jay McTyier, Esq.
Clearwater, FL

Dear Weekly Editor:
In response to Martin R's letter to the Editor (6/19/06 IW), bravo. Your letter found the words I couldn't.

B Martinez

Dear Weekly Editor:
Responding to Martin R.'s letter (06/26/06 IW), consider why "immigrants" are getting the blame that they are. Could it possibly be the fault of illegal alien apologists, such as ethnic lobbies, the government of Mexico, businesses who employ them, and mainstream media, who conflate "illegal alien" with "immigrant" with the intent of playing on Americans' traditional sympathy for their own immigrant ancestors? If there had been a shortage of workers, rather than just those willing to work for low wages, employers should have sought to bring them here legally, paid them decently, and provided benefits, thus obviating the issues with taxpayers paying for the education and medical care of illegal aliens and their families. There are programs such as H-2 for precisely that purpose, which could have been expanded, but employers don't like the necessity of paying a decent wage and obeying the rules of the program. Easier and far cheaper to hire illegal aliens, or even conspire to bring them here illegally. Martin's letter is right. There is poverty all over the world, and terrorism, and injustice. But surprisingly enough, most legal and illegal immigration is from one country, Mexico, which has the 14th highest GDP in the world, and which is a democracy. Meanwhile, would-be immigrants from countries far poorer and more troubled, such as those in the Middle East, are shortchanged. Furthermore, there are plenty of Americans living in poverty, including recent legal immigrants, who are harmed by competition from yet more immigrants and illegal aliens. In addition, roughly 40 percent of illegal immigration comes from visa overstays, or people who were well-enough established in their homelands that they could convince our State Department that they would return home - but didn't. "it's their fault their goverments (sic) are greedy thifs (sic) or oppressors." Whose responsibility is it, then, for remedying this situation? America's, as we have so disastrously attempted to do in Iraq? Or, those of the citizens of a country themselves? As for "stealing" the American Southwest, well, Mexico did steal it from the Native Americans whose ancestral home it is.

Ali Alexander

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