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Immigrant's Weekly June 26, 2006
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An innovative program that places volunteers alongside immigrants in unpaid work, has enabled program participants to better understand the multi-faceted dimensions of immigration reform. According to one volunteer, "As you talk with people, the [immigration] issues get larger and more complex,'' she said. "But that gives you a better grasp of the issues." For the full San Jose Mercury News report, see here.

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Gregory Siskind, Esq. writes "Aliens of exceptional ability and aliens holding advanced degrees in professional fields may apply for green cards through the second-preference employment category (EB-2)."


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Dear Weekly Editor:
JHF's letter (06/19/06 IW) supposedly informed us what makes an undocumented worker a criminal. My response is: Where's your green card, pilgrim? Obviously, you know nothing about the current US immigration crisis and backlog that has lasted over 20 years nor the devastation it has caused families across the world. US employers (all the way up to some politicians) are just as much guilty of accepting fraudulent documents as immigrants are of presenting them. Surprise, surprise. They know they're here, they know they need them. Wake up. As for "working under the table", US citizens are just as guilty of that and any undocumented that would be ignorant enough to do that must not want to adjust his status in the future.


Dear Weekly Editor:
What month or year application are they working on now for the change of status?


Dear Weekly Editor:
I just need to know the start date for Salvadorian to re-apply for work permit.

David Hernandez

Dear Weekly Editor:
Very few times in our lives we get to witness and experience the evil in people. The dark side of most of the American people has come out. Immigrants are now criminals, not honest, hard working people keeping the price of fruits and vegetables down. They have become a threat to our "way of life". They are the cause of most of the problems we as a nation have to deal with on a daily basis. They are no longer the people creating jobs for teachers, doctors, nurses etc. They are no longer responsible for keeping new housing withing the reach of most Americans. Now they are stealing our jobs, ripping off our healthcare and education system and crowding our prisons. It's no longer us who decide to pay them cash not having to pay workmans comp, social security and federal taxes to be able to survive business, it's them who don't pay taxes. It's no longer terrorists who almost crippled our economy and sense of security as well as the basic freedoms we've been fighting for since the arrival of our ansestors. It's the illegals who might be terrorists even though thousands of them are fighting and some dying side by side with our troops. They went from people experiencing extreme poverty in Latin America to thiefs, crimials and even compared to rapists, murderers etc. I see the anti-immigrant movement growing even within the immigrants themselves. I see neighbors turning against each other, families splitting up due to their political views on this issue. I see our leaders passing legislation to build "the wall". The speach of President Reagan comes to mind "Mr Gorbachev, tear down that wall". And the reaction of the electrified american people who cheared forever. Now we are commanding our leaders to 'build that wall' or else. Seems to me that no American has ever set foot on any poor country and they all think it is the immigrants fault they were born in a poor country, or it's their fault their goverments are greedy thifs or oppressors. If they can't make enough to feed their families they must be lazy but here I see them working like horses in 120 degree weather. Maybe it's time to march them to the concentration camps, how about that minute men? Or maybe everyone is educated and we all know the history or the southwest territory and are just afraid they will claim what we "legitimatly" stole from them. Who knows.

Martin R.

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Immigration Daily: the news source for
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