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Immigrant's Weekly June 12, 2006
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USCIS Issues Latest H-1B Advanced Degree Cap Count

USCIS issued the latest cap count for the H-1B advanced degree exemption (as of June 2, 2006). For the full press relese, see here.

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Gregory Siskind, Esq. provides a summary of the key immigration provisions of S.2611.


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Dear Weekly Editor
Does anybody have a clue what is going on at USCIS regarding K1 fiancee visa applications? The (already excruciatingly long) approval process went into reverse about 4 weeks ago when approved applications were recalled from embassies for even more processing. Thousands of them. Apparantly USCIS and DHS slept through the passage of the IMBRA law, and were caught flatfooted. This has placed (tens of?) thousands of innocent, law abiding petitioners onto an emotionally gut-wrenching roller coaster. Calls to USCIS, DHS and DOJ (frequently after hours of hold time and condescending voice-prompts) are a complete waste of time- nobody knows anything, or they pass the buck to a different agency. The situation would be a mad comedy if not for the fact it is literally making people sick from stress and lack of information. Is it not possible to hold USCIS accountable for its inability to carry out the duty of processing visa applications? How can a system be allowed to be so badly broken? Why are there no consequences to USCIS and DHS management? Why is it possible that one of their service centers (until recently) was able to regularly generate approvals in less than 2 weeks and other service centers take on average 3-4 month? How in the world can this happen? Obviously I am extremely frustrated, I am being emotionally tortured by my government simply because I want to marry a woman from another country. Can anything be done? Is there any hope on the horizon? Is there no way to bring a class-action suit against USCIS and DHS for anguish, mental torture, and incompetence? There would easily be thousands willing to sign on.


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