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Immigrant's Weekly May 30, 2006
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Dear Weekly Editor
In response to An Immigrant's letter (05/22/06 IW), I couldn't have said all that better myself, except I did agree w/the boycott. What better way to get politicians' attentions but by affecting the pockets?


Dear Weekly Editor
It is quite clear to me and those who are not so blinded by ignorance, arrogance, prejudice, and a lack of compassion, that the whole immigration issue at had is being looked at in a rather onesided way. Many Americans have deliberately chosen to forget that (1) This country was built and has been sustained by immigrants, and may I state illegal ones at that too. (2) That the majority of Americans if they are at all honest, can trace their very immediate family/families, and family trees back to immigrants and illegal ones at that, yes even those in the senate and the house. I do applaud President Bush's reccomendations and his stance on the issue, however even he seems to be looking at the Hispanic and more so the Mexicans, alone. There is a diversed amount of "illegal" immigrants in the US of various races, and ethnic backgrounds, and these are all here under various circumstances. Should we classify them as criminals? It's a sad day when supposedly learned people who hold high office and as I pointed out before, who can be traced to illegal foreparents etc, and "illegal" family/families to suggest such. We seem to forget humble beginnings in the US. Yet we boast worldwide of compassion, human rights and humanitarian endeavors, democracy to name a few. Are these merely for advertisement? Are we aware that there are quite a lot of Americans who reside in other countries illegally? Or are we going to invade those territories and claim we are securing/protecting our American citizens? How many of these "illegal" immigrants that we are labelling criminals have done this country harm? Any threatened this country's security? No. These are people who have come here, work hard, slave, sweat and build not only the economy, but communities.


Dear Weekly Editor
It's amazing to me how many illegal aliens claim they are not criminals. I'll bet that a poll of all criminals in jail would say the same thing. Folks, talk sense, and maybe we'll listen. Talk stupid trash, and we'll continue to pressure our elected officials to send you home. Our President says we can't deport 12 million people, but Mexico sure did.

Ken Roberts
Springdale, AR

Dear Weekly Editor
I am Iraqi doctor in medicine, working in American company in iraq. I try every effort to study work immigrate to usa, no benefit, why?

Walid Alomar

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