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Immigrant's Weekly May 8, 2006
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Jon Eric Garde, Esq. writes "Amidst the wrangling in Washington DC, the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have announced a three-phase, multi-year plan to reduce illegal immigration."


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Dear Weekly Editor
Responding to the 05/01/06 IW comment, from what I've heard, these oh-so-righteous legislators plan to sign into work, so that they get paid for the day, then leave. Guess the cause isn't important enough for them to actually have to lose money over it even though they don't mind sticking the costs of their absence, and illegal immigration in general, to the taxpayer.

Ali Alexander

Dear Weekly Editor
Responding to The boycott for illegal immigrants (05/01/06 IW comment), they can do all they want to do. Let's be reminded that this country was here for a very long time without their illigeal presence, coming to this country breaking the law. If you enter a house through the window - you are a thief. So the same goes for climbing fences and coming by boat. You enter at the Port of Enteries not in dodging and hiding. This country should stand it's ground not to allow illegal, undocumented people to be here. Yes, let them come with their boycots on May 1 but bear in mind, that from ever since their wages were always either Western Unioned or mailed to their families to their own countries, their land of birth. They are like parasites living off hard working class Americans for their health, school and other services which we as Americans are not entitled to.


Dear Weekly Editor
Response to McCabe's (5/01/06 IW) letter, I wish I knew whose taxes also bcuz if an undocumented never becomes documented, they will never see those social security benefits, medicare, etc that they worked so hard for and not to mention those taxes that paid to keep our prisoners fed and college-educated and our low class on welfare, that they never see a dime of. Have you thought of that one? Believe me, they may not know who they're paying taxes for, but the point is: they are paying taxes and not being reimbursed for it like u and me.


Dear Weekly Editor
I've been receiving Immigrant's Weekly, looking for new legislation that would make my family and I legal. We have spend every dime on trying to do it the right way, just to realize that we cannot go back home, since we sold it all to spend on immigration fees, and we had no choice but to make it here. We are illegal. We are good citizens, we pay our taxes, support our local government, stay out of trouble etc. I agree, make the borders stronger, but do something about the people here, the good, hard working people, that came here like your parents and their grandparents, looking for something better, something brighter, something much more human. Are we all Mexicans, no we are not, we are among you, just like you, our children are playing with your children, we support the economy. We are not terrorist, we are not criminals, we are your friend, your neighbor and your partner on the war on terrorism. You need to know who we are, and the only way to do that, is to bring us out of the shadows. Make your borders stronger, protect it more to prevent this from happening again, but do something about us, your co-workers, your friends and your neighbors. We are here already, we have paid the price for immigrating to a new country, we gave up everything just like our fellow legal immigrants who came with big shot jobs. Until then, don't talk about us not paying our taxes, because every time we buy something at a store, we pay tax, when we pump gas, we pay tax, and yes, we are obligated to pay taxes on every dime we make, but we're also the people who run away during an accident for fear of deportation, and your insurance suffers, we run because whether it is called illegal immigrants or a mind thought, you treat us like criminals, but you left us no choice, when our money was done, so was our cases.

An immigrant

Dear Weekly Editor
My nephew is sales Manager for Food service companny. His labor certifiction under process. He pays taxes in thousands of dollars every year under ITIN #. Problem comes that his driver liscense expired,cannot renew because he cannot get Social Security number. He has medical insurance & automobile insurance. I see the reason undocumented worker dont pay taxes because of not getting a Social Security number very first time they apply for. Being honest & desperate hard woker to earn living for their loving family & themselves, they go for fake SS#. I think if they are given SS#, it will make them eligible for driver license & as well for auto & health insurance.

Lalit Dama
Atlanta, GA

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