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Immigrant's Weekly May 1, 2006
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Great American Boycott

According to a The Desert Dispatch news report, "A bill recognizing May 1 as the Great American Boycott is set to be voted on this week in both houses of the State Legislature." For the full news story, see here.

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Tue, Jun 6, 5PM ETMorley Nair, Esq
Tue, Jun 13, 5PM ETKaren Weinstock, Esq


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Dear Weekly Editor
One of my many duties for the company I work for is to deal with the numerous identity theft cases. IW makes a valid point that undocumented workers pay taxes (04/24/06 comment). However, I have dealt with over 300 cases of identity theft where the applicant presented what appeared to be valid documents for the I-9. At some point, we learned that the documents were fake and that the applicant had indeed stolen someone's identity (a crime). While this person did pay taxes, another person who was the real owner of the Social Security Number was denied some form of government benefit or had their wages garnished due to failure to file for wages earned by someone unknown to them. Of the 300 cases I have received so far, nearly 80% were due to illegally obtained ID's and stealing someone's identity. Identity theft is one of America's fastest growing crimes, yet Congress, the Senate, and the American public seems ignorant of this fact. Undocumented workers paying taxes....for whom?

Ron McCabe

Dear Weekly Editor
Responding to BM's letter (04/24/06 IW), the difference between the Americans who break the law by riding without their seat belts and the illegal aliens who are working in the US without authorization is that the Americans have a right to be here.


Dear Weekly Editor
IW's 04/24/06 commented on an article in the LA Times which reported that "tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants" pay taxes. Now if we could just get the other several million "undocumented" workers to pay theirs. As the "Times" article also reported, most of those who are now paying their taxes are doing so because they believe that, in order to be "legalized", they'll have to show that they've been paying. If not for that, they'd be perfectly happy to continue cheating on their income taxes. We also know that almost all "undocumenteds" get their ITIN's for identification purposes, not to be able to pay their taxes. And it's too bad that we couldn't identify those few "undocumenteds" who dutifully pay their taxes because it's the right thing to do, not because they think they'll get some immigration-related benefit out of it. They may be the type of people this "country of laws" should allow in legally.

John H. Frecker
Baileyville, ME

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