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Immigrant's Weekly April 24, 2006
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Undocumented Pay Taxes

According to a Los Angeles Times news report, "They may be here illegally, but tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants are expected to abide by Uncle Sam's rules by filing tax returns with the hope of someday becoming US citizens." For the full news story, see here.

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Dear Weekly Editor
Responding to Taxwatch's letter (04/18/06 IW), let me help with the letter writer's quandary about the difference between "illegal aliens" and criminals. First, as to our ancestors; regardless of where they entered the country they all came first and adjusted their status later. Secondly, no one in this country is a criminal until after conviction and someone who commits a civil violation is not the same as a felon. They are on about the same level of lawlessness as you and I when we exceed the federally mandated speed limit on the interstates or when we donate $25 worth of junk to the Salvation Army and claim a larger deduction. Illegal really doesn't mean much anymore unless we're talking about someone else.

Dave Anderson
Gainesville, GA

Dear Weekly Editor
Human social behavior follows the path that poor grammar does in a language. When poor language usage breaks the grammar rules long enough it becomes no longer a mistake or an error, it becomes the accepted standard to follow and is insisted upon as the proper way to speak and write. When people break the rules, laws, and social morals again and again then that becomes acceptable behavior and there is no going back to behavior that is for the best good of all. The people swelling over the borders are like the water over the levees in New Orleans. It will continue to happen and it will be accepted as the proper and wanted behavior. Mark my words; this is a wicked time in which we live and it has to run its course until all the land north of the Panama Canal becomes one kingdom.

B. Todd

Dear Weekly Editor
For nine years, my family has been struggling to win our asylum case. All of our relatives are refugees. We never broke any civil or immigration laws, yet, we have no relief because there is a limit for granting asylum cases to 4000 cases throughout the country. We are tired of appealing the wrong decisions of judges, plus it's costly. I can't believe that the US wants to reward those who break many laws with relief without limits. Is this smart?


Dear Weekly Editor
What I fail to understand is the lack of compassion in America for people less fortunate than ourselves. Take any one of these opponents to illegal immigrants and put them in Mexico. Most wouldn't last a day and they all would be running for the border. We have been blessed to be born here. All these people want are better lives. They want a better life for their children. Is that so wrong? How can you compare these people to rapists, bank robbers or thieves? I drive without a seatbelt on. How many others do? We are breaking the law. Should we be branded felons? The fact is many 'Americans' break the law every day. Look at our own corrupt government. Everyone deserves a chance at a better life and these people risk their lives to get here. Building a wall isn't going to solve the problem. Deporting them isn't the answer, they'll be back tomorrow. Wake up America. Quit being paranoid and reach out to your fellow man, woman and child. All these opponents say that the illegals need to go back home and enter legally. Have they ever looked into this? People have been waiting 10 years to get a visa. If my children were starving and sleeping on the ground, you bet I'd cross the border too.


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