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Immigrant's Weekly April 3, 2006
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OSHA Sting Operations End

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, "The Bush administration has stopped using fake health and safety meetings at job workshops to snag illegal immigrants." For the full story, see here.

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Physical And Mental Health Characteristics Of US And Foreign-Born Adults: United States, 19982003
Achintya N. Dey And Jacqueline Wilson Lucas write "Foreign-born adults enjoy considerable advantages over their U.S.-born counterparts for many health measures despite limited access to health care and unfavorable sociodemographic characteristics."


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Dear Weekly Editor
How many dollars per linear foot including installation would the fencing cost and add this to to all the other costs, that other people have been talking of, and as said before, it would be off the scale. Sounds too simplistic but if they issued enough numbers to clear the backlogs (1) it would free up the system (2) there would be a lot more people paying taxes which should help things all round. If it were made easier for the people who are trying to come here legally, it must also lower the number of illegals, as there must be many who weren't left with much alternative after trying to do it properly. The big concern seems to be about terrorists, so after security checking why is it made so long and difficult to come here. It's unfair that husbands, wives, and their children have to stay apart for so long in order to "comply". Is this some sort of test to check out the strength of your marriage? How much also does the US immigration system line the pockets of airlines by making people travel back to their countries just to get their approved paperwork, not to mention the waste of fuel and money to satisfy bureaucracy.


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