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Immigrant's Weekly February 6, 2006
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Temporary Protected Status

Almost 300,000 people would lose temporary protected status (TPS) if the Department of Homeland Security fails to renew the TPS for Nicaraguans and Hondurans by May and for Salvadorans by July according to an Associated Press report. The temporary status was granted to Nicaraguans and Hondurans after Hurricane Mitch in 1998 and to Salvadorans following a 2001 earthquake. Many TPS beneficiaries worry that this time the TPS will not be extended because of recent public scrutiny on immigration issues. For the full story, see here.

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Dear Editor:
In response to Mr. Roberts' letter (1/30/06 IW), I don't see how we Americans being descendents of immigrants wanders way off course since they were "legal" because, believe me, if there would not have been an open "amnesty" at Ellis Island at the turn of the century, I'm sure my grandfather from Italy & my other grandparent from France would have found some way to escape the unbearable economy, political turmoil, and lawlessness of their countries to enter America, no matter what laws were in place. Now the immigrants suffering those same circumstances are divided by a land barrier instead of water. And currently as of 4/01, there is no amnesty or Ellis Island free-for-all in place. Their choice is as simple as this: having their family starve or risk their life on a life-threatening journey thousands of miles away just to find a job to feed them. Any real person, no matter what nationality, would do the same if confronted with such. I've known them, heard their stories firsthand, worked amongst them, & seen their stories in the foreign press (because you would never see their stories portrayed accurately in the domestic press). Here is one sensible argument in response to Mr. Roberts' letter, as to why "illegal" immigration is beneficial to the USA: try deporting 11+ million construction workers, restaurant workers, landscapers, concrete workers, janitors, servants, nannies, laborers, & every low entry level job one can think of that one hardly ever sees many Americans willing to do and see what happens to this economy. Common sense would dictate that the govt knows this also which is why they know they are here and make them pay taxes. As for "aliens" breaking more laws: on the contrary, the majority are not breaking more, they are trying to lay low & stay away from trouble so that they can one day be documented in this country.


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