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Immigrant's Weekly January 30, 2006
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Sending Money Abroad

According to a Christian Science Monitor report, immigrants have made sending money to their relatives abroad a $100 Billion industry. The remittance industry has long been dominated by small companies who service immigrants' needs but this is changing as large banks seek to provide money transfer services at lower fees. For the full story, see here.

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Gregory Siskind, Esq. explores the issues and provides information and assistance to the gay, lesbian and transgender communities for immigration purposes.


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Dear Editor:
Jul342's letter (01/27/06 IW) does have a good point. When the country was young we received many good people from overseas. The door to our house was wide and they were greeted with love and acceptance; welcome, come in. It would be nice to have all of the people in our house who would sustain the attributes of hard workers, and be productive, honest, friendly, intelligent, educated, communicative, helpful, cooperative... and on and on. USCIS has a staggering but legitimate task to keep out the criminal element and those who are not acceptable in a civil society, our society here in the United States of America that our founding fathers hoped to preserve as long as possible. Unfortunately the number of those pushing to get through our door is greater than the door size now is and so they are crawling through the broken windows to get in, even those who normally would be welcome, but then there are too many that are not welcome. After all, it is an overwhelming chore right now just to educate our children flooding the public schools to be acceptable civil citizens.


Dear Editor:
Amen to jul342's letter (1/23/06 IW). Took the words right outta my mouth.


Dear Editor:
Jul342's letter (01/23/06 IW) regarding us all being decendents of immigrants in my opinion wanders way off course. Somewhere the word "illegal" is meaningless to that letterwriter and to those who chose to break our laws. Legal immigration is good, no problem. Illegal immigration is bad, and it appears that our government has finally opened their ears to the citizens of our country. I have yet to hear one sensible arguement as to why illegal immigration is beneficial to the USA. Permitting aliens to break one law leads to more laws being broken.

Ken Roberts
Springdale, AR

Dear Editor:
Hello. I am a US Citizen born and raised. I did not realize the heartache that non immigrants are going through trying to become citizens until I offered to help a friend obtain information on how they could become a citizen. I am so mad. How in the world does anyone expect a person from another country to get through all the red tape. I myself, who is very knowledgable in research found it difficult. Another thing. How a person can become a citizen is wrong. They need to allow and offer other alternatives than just the four ways. I mean look, some people come here to work. They fall in love with our country. They get involved in their communities, their children attend school, they become our friends and according to the law if they don't fall in a certain category they have to leave. On the other hand, I want you to look at the law for yourself. It clearly states that another way to become a citizen is to enter the country illegally, hide, stay 10 years and you can apply for citizenship. Does that make any sense to anyone, when they are deporting good people who make a difference in our communities? It is clear to me that this whole thing is a scam. Look at it. People who contribute money by trade, investments, etc. have the right to apply for citizenship or let me see the big one. Yes, that would be the lottery. How much does that cost? I am disgusted with out government and I plan on taking my big mouth around and let everyone know what kind of crack pots we have running things. It will be over my dead US citizen body before I allow this government making up these crazy laws to deport one of my dearest friends. I suggest that everyone who feels the same way to start contacting your congressman before the new Immigration Reform Bill is presented to the house and ask them to include some reform for the people who are already here legally to make it simpler for them to stay without taking all of their money. Hopefully we can all do something about it.


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