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Immigrant's Weekly November 21, 2005
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Dear Editor
Actually in South Carolina the counties of Richland and Lexington have been issuing IDs for the past 4 or 5 years (see 11/7/05 IW comment). The program is sponsored by the respective Sheriff Departments. The cost is $35.00 per ID.

Jose Monge, Esq.
Columbia, SC

Dear Editor
I live in Richmond, Kentucky and practice law in Lexington, Kentucky. Richmond is sort of a bedroom community for Lexington, although it has one of Kentucky's larger public universities (Eastern Kentucky University). On the other hand, Richmond has some very rural areas as well, and I live in one of the more rural parts. I believe that this ID card proposal (see 11/7/05 IW comment) is a very good thing, as it will at least give the recipients some normalcy in their otherwise very difficult lives.

Stephen Barnes, Esq.
Lexington, KY

Dear Editor
I think that it is great that immigrants are issued driver's licenses (see 11/7/05 IW comment). It is time to stop cruel politics utilizing immigration issues and people suffering to serve power. This country went through a lot, it is going to be great to make 11 or 12 million undocumented and their families happy. Don't you think?


Dear Editor
Will this be for all immigrants? Legal and illegal (see 11/7/05 IW comment). I don't think everyone will grasp at this opportunity. It may bring a scare. I think the best is to take the same money and grant amnesty so every one can have an ID. They should try to keep the good citizens (illegal) here and get rid of the bad citizens (illegal). Try and push for Amnesty.

Concern Citizen

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