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Immigrant's Weekly October 24, 2005
Previous Issues


Inside ICE

The enforcement arm of DHS, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau (ICE), released its most recent issue of "Inside ICE" chronicling its latest actions. Highlights include:

  • Announcement of a new program with the Honduran gov't to expedite removal of Honduran detainees;
  • Deportation of a human rights violator;
  • Arrest of many undocumented, and more
For the current issue of Inside ICE, see here.

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K-3 And K-4 Visas
Gregory Siskind writes "One of the principal benefits of K-3 and K-4 visas is that immediate families will be unified several months faster than if they were pursuing a typical immediate relative immigrant petition."


Tue, Oct 24, 5PM ET Gregory Siskind, Esq
Tue, Nov 1, 5PM ETAlice Yardum-Hunter, Esq
Tue, Nov 8, 5PM ETGregory Christian - Deputy Director Of NSC, USCIS
Tue, Nov 15, 5PM ETRolando Rex Velasquez, Esq
Tue, Nov 29, 5PM ETTo Be Announced
Tue, Dec 6, 5PM ETTo Be Announced
Tue, Dec 13, 5PM ETTo Be Announced
Tue, Dec 20, 5PM ETTo Be Announced


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Dear Editor:
Thank you for providing the report about state laws regarding the issuance of driver's licenses to undocumented aliens (10/11/05 IW comment). Is it possible to see the Massachusetts law that dispenses with the lawful presence requirement to obtain a license? The MA DMV website seems to indicate differently, and I would like to be able to cite the law that contravenes what they assert on their website. I understand that state practice may differ from what is stated in the statutes and regulations, but would be curious to see the law anyway. Again, thank you very much for publishing this report.

Trevor Findlen, Law Clerk at Joyce & Associates, P.C.
Boston, MA

Dear Editor:
I tried to do something very few people do as nobody wants to get invlolved in any police or govt hassles. I helped the US govt by nabbing some US officials who were fooling innocent people of their money and giving them false working papers. It's been more than 6 months now and nothing has been done to help me in my current status because that is what was told to me that they would help me get certain status. Now I wonder if I did the right thing. My concern is that the people behind bars will get out somehow and be free and live there lives again where as I will be still knocking on doors for justice from the "so just US gov't" and away from my parents who need me the most right now.


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