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Immigrant's Weekly October 17, 2005
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Destination America

To say goodbye to everything you have known and loved and set off for another country has always been a wrenching experience. People from every corner and country of the planet have come to America to make their homes, to seek their fortunes, or to escape injustice and oppression. Destination America, a four-part film series airing on PBS, focuses on immigrants' personal stories: of the world they left behind, the roots that defined them, and the frustrations, hardships, discontents and ambitions that made and continues to make America their destination. The PBS series debuts Wednesday, October 19 from 9 to 11 p.m. ET. For more information, see here.

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Dear Editor:
Is the New York DMV now permitting illegal immigrants to obtain their drivers liscense?

Maria Elena Benvenuto

Dear Editor:
I want to know that if it is true people who are here and do not have any legal papers they can get drivers license and is it ok for them to work with the REAL ID thing that I hear about?

Jankie Lachman

Dear Editor:
Just wanted to let you know I don't see any positive point why DMV will not prolong anymore drivers license for illegal aliens. I had a FL Drivers License for almost 11 years. To drive a car, fill it with a explosives and blowing it at a bridge I don't need any ID or drivers license. One "positive" point for the USA is we all were, are and will be here ... just that they won't have an idea where we are ... so this is what the US gov't wants? I'm not a terrorist, I want to live here, I want pay taxes, have some rights ... why can't they give us a chance? I feel like the USA is going through darker and darker times.

Tampa, FL

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