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Immigrant's Weekly July 11, 2005
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EAD Extension For Hondurans And Nicaraguans With TPS

USCIS announced an automatic-extension of work permits, valid until October 5, 2005, for Hondurans and Nicaraguans with temporary protected status. For the press release, see here. For the Federal Register notice, see here.

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Third Preference Employment Based Immigration - Skilled and Professional Workers
Gregory Siskind writes "The EB-3 category is the focus of this article."


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Dear Editor:
What about those of us who have been waiting for over twenty years? Those of us who grew up in this country attended school in this country and continue to pay taxes. What about us? When will we become a part of the July 4th celebration? When will be have to privilege of being considered an American? (see 7/05/05 IW comment).


Dear Editor:
I would like to respond to Ms. Wilkens' letter (6/27/05 IW) because it asks a question I hear quite often, and that is "Why don't immigrants follow the rules and come in the legal way?" The answer to that is because there isn't a legal way for them to come. That is the problem with our current system. There is currently no process by which a worker may apply to come here and work at "a job an American will not do" (aside from the H1As for agricultural workers). There are H2B visas for jobs Americans are not qualified to do. I realize there are H1B visas for certain occupations of the job is temporary or seasonal, but most jobs can not fill that criteria. We need workers for low paying maintenance and construction jobs that cannot be outsourced because they must be performed here. Especially in hot climates it is impossible to get enough workers to fill these jobs at any salary. But there is no way for a company to sponsor an immigrant for one of these positions if it is not temporary. And the program for temporary workers is small, difficult to use, and expensive. Most companies choose not to bother going this route. So the companies hire undocumented workers, and by doing so we keep production up and costs low, which is great for the economy. If we could address the issue and develop a plan to recognize this need and make a legal way for workers to come and work, and then go home, then I have no doubt that immigrants would then "follow the rules".

Katy Chavez, Esq.
Raleigh, NC

Dear Editor:
Well, today's July 4th, Independence Day in the U.S. May God bless the U.S.A and its citizens. Happy Birthday America and may it be an enjoyable Independence Day for all Americans.

Maung Thi Ha Soe

Dear Editor:
There are many undocumented immigrants in the US. The majority of them come here because it is the land of opportunity. They come from all different countries for economic or political reasons. They come here to earn money which is sent home to support their families. The jobs they have here are not high paying jobs. But the money they send home is a lot when you consider the exchange rates and the costs of living there. These immigrants are doing what you and I do, earning money to give our children a better life and more opportunity than we had. They are not taking jobs away from citizens. Rather, they are taking jobs that Americans refuse to take. There should be an amnesty program for these immigrants. They are hard working, obey the laws here (except for one), and are an essential part of the economy. They come here for a better life, just like all of our ancestors did.


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