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Immigrant's Weekly June 27, 2005
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DOS Extends Temporary Visas For Chinese Nationals

The Department of State announced that beginning June 20, 2005, eligible Chinese nationals who wish to study in the United States temporarily as students (F-1), exchange visitors (J-1), or to undertake vocational training (M1) will be issued visas that are valid for 12 months and multiple entries. For more information, see here.

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Second Preference Employment Based Immigration - Aliens Of Exceptional Ability And Advanced Degree Professionals
Gregory Siskind writes "The second preference category of employment-based immigration includes aliens of exceptional ability and aliens holding advanced degrees in professional fields."


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Tue, Jun 28, 5PM ET Rolando Rex Velasquez, Esq.
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Dear Editor:
This is a very hot topic today (see 6/20/05 comment). I do not have a problem with legal immigrants working here in the United States doing the so-called jobs that Americans do not want to perform. My question is why can't these illegal immigrants go through the legal system to be accepted in to the US? The American Citizen has to abide by rules and regulations or be punished by the law. Why is it that our legal system lets these illegal immigrants come here which are not abiding by the laws and regulations of entering the United States? I as an American tax paying citizen have to bear the costs of the extra free health care that these illegal immigrants are using. Also, our classrooms are being overcrowded with these illegal immigrants because we as American citizens can't question the illegal person whether they are here legally or not. To sum this up, I am fed up with our Judicial System for allowing all of these illegal immigrants to enter our borders without any enforcement to make these illegal immigrants go through the proper process as most of our ancestors did. What also makes me so angry is that these illegal immigrants don't even want to learn the English language. They chose to come to America, therefore, they must speak the English language. There is no excuse for this. No other country would let illegal immigrants to continue to talk in their native tongue. Our language is English. Therefore, speak the American language. We did not force these illegal immigrants to come here to the United States they chose to come here on their own. Then go through the American legal system just like our ancestors did. If these illegal immigrants really wanted to come and work in America, they should come here the legal way. I do welcome legal immigrants to come here to American and work.

Jean Wilkens

Dear Editor:
The government really needs to reinstate 24(i). As far as I know there has been no talk about this in the government. It really hurts alot of people in the US. Do you foresee this being reinstated anytime soon? From what I hear the last time they talked about this was back in 2001.

Bibi Soto

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