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Immigrant's Weekly May 2, 2005
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An Inspiring Story

We are privileged to bring to Immigration Weekly readers' attention an almost unbelievable and incredibly inspiring story about four undocumented high schoolers from Mexico who went head-to-head with the smartest college teams in the country (including MIT) on a hi-tech underwater-robot competition sponsored by the US Navy and NASA ---- and WON! We urge our readers to read the fantastic story at Read the entire story in Wired magazine to see how these teenagers (who came to our country thru tunnels and hidden in the backseats of cars) are engineers in the best American tradition in creating their underwater-robot out of plastic pipe, tampons (not a typo!) - and beat the MIT robot which was co-sponsored by Exxon-Mobil, the Carnegie Mellon robot and others. The DREAM bill, if Congress can find the wisdom to enact it, would offer hope to these gifted teenagers and others, who perhaps are not so gifted, but equally deserving of the title American.

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Non-Immigrant Visa Options For Nurses
Gregory Siskind writes "A growing shortage of nurses in the United States has forced many health care employers to look overseas for the nursing talent needed to care for American patients. But bringing those nurses to the US is challenging."


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Dear Editor:
In the April 25th edition of Immigrant's Weekly, Bibi Wahab's letter says that illegal aliens "won't go off collecting welfare like a lot of lazy Americans". Actually, many of them do collect welfare along with "free" medical care and other public benefits. Many emergency rooms and entire hospitals have been forced to close because of unpaid costs of medical care for illegal aliens. The $1 billion dollars-plus that was slipped into the "national security" legislation to reimburse hospitals for the costs of treating illegal aliens apparently hasn't been enough to keep them afloat. The American tax-payers are spending billions of dollars for a variety of reasons so that employers can have their so-called "cheap" labor.

John H. Frecker
Baileyville, ME

Dear Editor:
It is ironic to me that the U.S. government issues tax identification numbers to undocumented aliens to allow them to file taxes, yet does not allow them to work legally in this country (4/19/05 IW comment). It is also very ironic that it is perfectly fine for an American citizen to marry an undocumented alien (legally), in this great country, yet not acknowledge their presence in the country, nor allow for them to work to support their family. It is amazing that we issue driver's licenses to undocumented residents, and allow them to open checking accounts, buy houses, etc, and yet not allow them to work. How many of you eat in Mexican restaurants, tip your waiters, knowing that they are undocumented? Those of you that scream we should close our borders. Are you also boycotting the buying of food that the hard-working undocumented pick for you? You speak out of both sides of your mouths. You also do not acknowledge your own heritage. Where did your family, your ancestors, originate? You were afforded your freedom because you were blessed enough to be born into a family that originated elsewhere. Not all are as fortunate as you. Certainly your ancestors were not. How do you judge others who would come to this country legally if only afforded the chance? Would you stay, live and die in poverty with your children or parents in your country or take a chance to run to work to feed those that are dear to you? Stand for what state you stand for. Leave the rest of us to acknowledge these human beings that risk their lives to come here to work in order to save themselves and their families from the grips of corrupt government and poverty. Would you not do the same? Or would you stay in a privileged country living off of food stamps and government hand-outs when you are perfectly able to work?


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