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Immigrant's Weekly April 25, 2005
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The USCIS offers a handy way to test yourself on US history and government. The quiz consists of randomly selected multiple choice questions and provides answers once you have completed the quiz. It's a useful way to prepare for the naturalization examination interview or to just to see how much you know on American civics. To begin the naturalization quiz, see here.

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Dear Editor:
I think it's a great idea for Congress to come up with a legal program for the illegal in the country (see 4/19/05 IW comment). Most of them belong here, work hard and deserve a chance before anyone else. I hope my opinion made a difference.


Dear Editor:
It is very hard to believe that there has been accumulation of billions of dollars with SS, which illegal aliens have paid as SS tax (see 4/19/05 IW comment). Actually, they do not pay even a single cent to the US govt. Instead, they are taking health, education etc. benefits from the tax payers' money. If raids are made into restaurants in major cities like New York, D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas etc., tens of thousands of illegal aliens could be apprehended, and at that time it can be verified whether or not they are paying SS tax. It is certain that the illegal aliens working in restaurants are not paying even a single cent. They do not have SS card, and the employers also do not require them to produce SS card. The restaurant employers also would like very much to employ them, because they work for a very low wages. Recently, Wal-Mart is said to have been fined millions of dollars for having hired illegal aliens. Likewise, all the employers that are employing illegal aliens, should also be punished. Moreover, it will not be fair and just if the illegal aliens who are also the law violators, are allowed to go unpunished.


Dear Editor:
Why not legalize undocumented workers (see 4/19/05 IW comment)? At least these individuals no matter how many thousands of them there are hard workers and won't go off collecting welfare like a lot of lazy Americans.

Bibi Wahab

Dear Editor:
I sympathize with the plight of illegal aliens to this country, and everybody is entitled to improve their lives (see 4/19/05 IW comment). But this must be done legally. Every year, the US can accomodate only a certain number of foreigners/immigrants from the world. These illegal immigrants are counted in that quota. I am a naturalized citizen, followed all immigration laws, and have been trying to bring my husband to the US for over a year now. Our case have been passed over, for no legal reason, but the US Embassy has been sitting on it for this long. No one seems to be able to compel the US Embassy in Athens to make a decision, because if they approve a visa for my husband it will be like agreeing with our claim of misconduct involving two US Embassies. They want to deny to show that their decision is right, but if we appeal to a higher court, all the evidence from both sides will be "discovered." My husband and I have nothing to hide. Our evidence are authentic, legal, and the facts strongly support our claim. The US Embassies have nothing to show for their claim. When visa quota is not all given to applicants in a category, these visas are made available for the next category. Because of the illegal immigration in this country, USCIS could be holding off on issuing visas and propagating separation of families..husband and wives, children and parents, etc., including families of US citizens who belong to no number or no quota visa..but remember there is a yearly number of immigrants this country allows every year...and these illegal immigrants take away and contribute to the misery of separated families resulting from this situation. These illegal immigrants are very fortunate. All they have to do is illegally cross the border, work on a farm for a minimum of 100 days, and they get a visa, whereas US citizen families like my husband and myself remain separated for an unlimited time depending on the whim or mood of the officer making that decision, perhaps based on how many illegals made it through the borders. This amnesty is encouraging and serving the illegal immigrants to continue to invade the US illegally, at the expense of US families. Why don't the government just go ahead and open all its borders, allow these illegal immigrants to settle in the US and receive all the benefits, and mark my word, US citizens will one day wake up without a country, or find out that they are the foreigners in this country.


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