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Immigrant's Weekly April 19, 2005
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How Uncle Sam Can Give You A Tax Break

For many Americans, today marks a frantic rush to meet the deadline to file their US income taxes. For the 10 million undocumented that exist in this country, April 15th is a stark reminder that they cannot legally pay taxes, although some are paying taxes already in other people's names. Many of the undocumented are hard working and would like to pay taxes legally and in their own names. The additional contributions of the undocumented to Uncle Sam's coffers would reduce the tax burden for all Americans. Even more important, bringing the undocumented into lawful status would reinvigorate the rule of the law. We urge Congress to enact a legalization program promptly.

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Inadmissibility - Criminal Grounds
Gregory Siskind writes "The need to prevent criminals from entering the US has been one of the longest standing parts of US immigration law."


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My wife and I are permanent residents of USA for the last four years. Our two sons are citizens and they take care of our boarding, lodging, health care etc. We were granted Permanent Resident status on one of my son's sponsorship. I am 70+ and my wife is 64+. We are both educated. We can speak, read, and write English. I could not get a job because I had cataract in my eyes. Driving is now possible because my cataract has been removed. I do not know whether I can get a job and pay income tax to the Government. So far I have neither worked nor earned anything in USA. Can my wife and I apply for citizenship? Will the authorities grant us citizenship?

St Louis, MO

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Immigration Daily: the news source for
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