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Immigrant's Weekly March 7, 2005
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2005 Poverty Guidelines

The Department of Health and Human Services released the updated 2005 poverty guidelines. This information is used to establish that the sponsor meets the income requirement (125% of the poverty income) and assures that the sponsored alien will not become a US public charge. You must complete and submit an affidavit of support, USCIS Form I-864, if you:

  • are bringing a relative to the US or;
  • if you are a US citizen or lawful permanent resident and filed an employment-based immigration petition (Form I-140) for a relative or if you have a significant ownership interest (5 percent or more) in a business that filed an employment-based immigrant petition for your relative.
Effective April 1, 2005, the 2005 poverty guidelines should be used to complete the affivadit of support. USCIS begins using the new poverty guidelines on the first day of the second month after the DHHS published them in the Federal Register. For the 2005 poverty guidelines, see here.

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Immigration Consequences Of Mergers, Acquisitions And Other Corporate Changes
Gregory Siskind writes "More than just changing the ownership of a business, the closing of a merger, acquisition, IPO or other corporate transaction can single-handedly render all of a company’s immigrant workers illegal and subject an employer to serious exposure for I-9 immigrant verification violations."


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Dear Editor:
What laws are in place to protect American citizens from immigrants who marry in order to remain in the US? I understand that when you are married all property and monies belong to both partners equally unless it was obtained before the marriage. Are their any laws to protect the citizen in case of a divorce when sued for divorce by the immigrant (now citizen by marriage)?

Linda Nicolosi

Dear Editor:
How can an organization such as ILW.COM devote it's energy to mainly criminals? Illegal is against the law. Criminal. To read the letters written to Immigrant's Weekly these criminal aliens castigating our US is appalling to an American. Particularly one such as myself, Jewish by religion. Thank God, American by birth. After the Nazi's, Jews couldn't enter our USA. But these criminal aliens can and do, with Yiddish lawyers aiding and abetting them, obviously with no regard for the country that has afforded them an outstanding life.

Ken Roberts
Springdale, Arkansas

Dear Editor:
What is the outcome of the guest-worker program introduced by President Bush? Will it ever be passed by Congress?

Judith Williams

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