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Immigrant's Weekly February 28, 2005
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Letters To Weekly Editor Policy

  • We welcome your letters related to immigration law. We do not usually respond to letters to the Editor, unless the letter concerns logistical issues or brings up a factual error that we have committed. Immigrant's Weekly's silence in response to a particular letter or issue does not imply consent. We are proud to be a forum for communication on immigration law issues. We publish letters seeking solutions to specific cases from our readers and invite immigration law practitioners to respond, ultimately creating a community for exchange of immigration law information.
  • We are not biased for or against any letter based on the author's opinion. We will not publish certain letters including those with personal attacks, barnyard language, etc.
  • We will accept letters signed with any name, including pen names. However, we also accept anonymous letters, and withhold names of senders when requested.
  • In the interests of readability, we request our correspondents to write within the limit of 300 words, lengthier contributions may be excerpted. Links (external and internal) are also omitted.
  • Letters have to be individually addressed to to be considered for publication, mass mailing list emails will not ordinarily qualify for publication.

We welcome readers to share their opinion by writing to


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Immigration Roundup (February 15, 2005)
Gregory Siskind provides a roundup of recent immigration law news.


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Send your letters to

Dear Editor:
I get Immigrants Weekly and have one question? Why don't you put answers or try to answer the letters/questions people ask in the Letter section?


Editor's Note: Please see our Comment above.

Dear Editor:
What type of laws are in place to protect American citizens from women and men who immigrate to our country and try to marry in order for them to remain in the country. And what can be done to them if they commit fruad against the spouse. Such as taking property, money, etc.? Where are you publishing the answers? Will I receive it in the mail?


Editor's Note: Please see our Comment above.

Dear Editor:
I would like to know how to read the response to the Letters sent to the Weekly Editor.

Pius Johnson

Editor's Note: Please see our Comment above.

Dear Editor:
I would like to know when and if President Bush is going to do something about immigration workers program particularly for those whose status is not legal.

Ajay Patel

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