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Immigrant's Weekly December 11, 2000
Arthur L. Zabenko, Editor
Nina Manchanda, Assistant Editor
Marc Ellis, Chat Transcripts Editor
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RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Chocolate Chip Cookies

A Note from the Editors:


The traditional colors of Christmas are red and green. One belief is that red represents the blood that Jesus shed during his Crucifixion and green symbolizes the Christian belief of eternal life through Christ and the continuance of life through winter. These colors are reflected in many decorations used during the holidays - Christmas tree and wreath, holly, mistletoe, poinsettias, and rosemary.

The custom of hanging the Christmas wreath is believed to have started with the ancient Romans. The evergreen was a symbol of the strength of life overcoming the brutality of winter. People placed decorative wreaths of evergreen on their doors as a symbol of victory and celebration. Now people appreciate wreaths made from live evergreens not only for their festive appearance but for their pine aroma.

Holly is an evergreen tree with red berries and needlelike pointy leaves. Holly was believed by the Christians and Romans to have protective powers and was used as a charm through out the house, which has become popularized as part of the Christmas song "Deck the halls with boughs of holly." Christians associate the sharp pointy leaves with the crown of thorns worn by Jesus and the red berries represent the drops of blood he shed during the Crucifixion.

Mistletoe is also an evergreen plant but it has white berries and dark glossy leaves. The current custom of kissing under the mistletoe started in Scandinavian mythology. Balder, son of the Norse goddess of love, Frigga, was killed by an arrow of mistletoe. Frigga swore that mistletoe would never again be a source of death and should promote love - anyone caught standing beneath the plant should receive a kiss. The correct etiquette today is that a man should pluck a berry when he kisses a woman under the mistletoe and when the last berry is gone there should be no more kissing. Mistletoe is poisonous if eaten so make sure it is out or reach of small children.

Rosemary is an herb often associated with remembrance, fidelity and friendship. The most popular legend connecting it to Christmas claims that the original flowers of rosemary where white but changed to blue when during her flight from Egypt Mary threw her cloak over a bush changing the bush's color and giving it a unique fragrance. A similar legend says that during the Holy Family’s flight to Egypt, Mary stopped by a stream to wash baby Jesus's clothes and laid the clothes to dry on a fragrant bush. For this service God rewarded the bush with little blue flowers that same color as Mary’s robe and named the plant rosemary.

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Three Managers Are Facing Charges
The Omaha World Herald reports that during the raid of the Nebraska Beef plant INS agents arrested about 200 undocumented workers as well as three managers and three recruiters who allegedly helped smuggle the workers to the US and will be facing criminal charges.

They Have "Answers;" Popular TV Show Helps Russian Immigrants reports that a TV show, "HIAS Answers," which airs on TV Russian Network (TVR), gives Russian immigrants advice on how to navigate the naturalization process, housing, health, employment, education, legal, social and personal issues.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Immigrant's Weekly "Recipe of the Week" is an opportunity for you to share your favorite recipes with other visitors to the site. Do you have a favorite dish you prepare to remind you of your home country when you are feeling particularly stressed or homesick? Have you found a new favorite dish in your new land? What substitutes have you used for ingredients you could not find? Submit your recipes to Each week we'll bring you the most taste-tempting, mouth-watering recipes we receive.

ILW.COM Highlights
New Additions to the Immigrant Shop

ILW.COM has added to the Immigrant Shop a new section of citizenship books, cassette tapes and videos. Most are offered in Cambodian, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese versions. For the majority of applicants the citizenship process is simpler than other interactions with the INS. Many people choose to complete the process on their own without the aid of a lawyer. ILW.COM and the citizenship books and videos can help.

This Week's Chat Schedule:
When Attorney
Mon., December 11
9:00 pm Eastern Time
Alice Yardum Hunter
Thur., December 14
9:00 pm Eastern Time
Barry Lieber

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