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Immigrant's Weekly November 13, 2000
Arthur L. Zabenko, Editor
Nina Manchanda, Assistant Editor
Marc Ellis, Chat Transcripts Editor
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RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Pasta with Sausage

A Note from the Editors:


In the United States we enjoy many freedoms that people of other nations do not have such as the freedom of religion, the right to free speech and assembly, the freedom of the press, the right to protest, the right to purchase property and the right to vote. Sadly, many military men and women have paid with their lives to guarantee US peace and freedom. Veteran's Day is an annual holiday in the US to pay tribute to all those, living and dead, who have served in the US Armed Forces and honor those who have fought for the US and continue to maintain US freedom.

Veteran's Day was formerly known as Armistice Day and was recognized in 1919 by the US, France and the United Kingdom to commemorate the ending of World War I (11:00 a.m., November 11, 1918). After World War II Armistice Day became a day of tribute to the fallen Allied soldiers as well. In Canada it became known as Remembrance Day and in Great Britain it is known as Remembrance Sunday honoring soldiers of both world wars. After the Korean War, President Eisenhower signed a bill proclaiming November 11 as Veterans Day honoring veterans of all US wars.

The national ceremony for Veterans Day is held at the Tomb of the Unknowns at the Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia. Municipalities observe the holiday with parades and floral wreaths placed on servicemen's memorials and graves.

The 10 Implications of the New H-1B Quota Increase
Xavier Augustin, President & CEO of, the H-1B Co. writes of ten possible implications of the American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act.

H-1B Visa Numbers and Immigrant Visa Allocation Under the New Law
Cyrus D. Mehta, Esq. writes on the effect of the new law on H-1B visas and the priority dates for immigrant visas.

Couples Separated by Borders
Laura Tripiciano and Leslie Karam write about the limited options for same-sex couples under US immigration law in comparison to the rights enjoyed by gay and lesbian citizens of other countries.

Pasta with Sausage

Immigrant's Weekly has launched Recipe of the Week. It is an opportunity for you to share your favorite recipes with other visitors to the site. Do you have a favorite dish you prepare to remind you of your home country when you are feeling particularly stressed or homesick? Have you found a new favorite dish in your new land? What substitutes have you used for ingredients you could not find? Submit your recipes to Each week we'll bring you the most taste-tempting, mouth-watering recipes we receive.

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This Week's Chat Schedule:
When Attorney
Monday, November 13
9:00 pm Eastern Time
Robert Hollander, Esq.
Thursday, November 16
9:00 pm Eastern Time
Greg Siskind, Esq.

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