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Immigrant's Weekly November 6, 2000
Arthur L. Zabenko, Editor
Nina Manchanda, Assistant Editor
Marc Ellis, Chat Transcripts Editor
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A Note from the Editors:

ILW.COM has launched a redesigned Immigration Information section. To make it easier for visitors to find the information they need we have grouped it under four headings - Family, Employment, Visitors and General information. Each section includes INS and Attorney FAQs, relevant articles, the visa bulletin and INS processing times. The Family section includes information on adoption, sponsoring family and marrying abroad. In the Employment section professionals can find information about H-1Bs and labor certifications and employers can find information on petitioning the INS for their employees and how to complete properly the I-9 Employment Verification form. Travelers and tourists will find information on how to extend their B-2 visas and exchange programs. The General immigration section includes information for students, deportation, naturalization and immigration policy. ILW.COM is a platform for the exchange of information. The Immigration Information section offers information for all your immigration needs.

Congress has been talking about immigration a lot in the past week. Senators and Representatives take advantage of debate on all manner of bills to throw in their comments on immigration. President Clinton and most Democrats support the Latino and Immigrant Fairness Act." Many Republicans favor the Legal Immigration Families Equity Act arguing that it helps unite families with the new V visa category, but does not reward people who have violated the law by entering or staying in the United States illegally. It is easy for Congress and the President to talk about the grand principles behind their proposals. What they are not talking about are people. How do you explain the principle behind removal to a young bride who is separated from her husband because she entered the country with her parents at an age when she had no choice? How do you explain the principle behind removal to a man who has worked and provided for his family for years, paying taxes and putting his children through college, but who once committed a crime for which he has served the time? While all immigrants share certain characteristics, each story is unique. Share you story on the Immigrant's Diary page.

Chipping Away at Statue's Myths
According to the New York Times, scholars say that the Statue of Liberty was originally intended to be an anti-monarchy, antislavery symbol. Immigrants, and the Lazarus poem, were not popularly connected with the statue until the 20th century.

The US Election Process
In the United States the president and vice president are the only government officials elected in a nationwide election. Contrary to popular belief, the president and vice president are not elected directly by the American people but by an electoral college which is a group of electors chosen within each state. The framers of the Constitution decided that through the electoral college they would be able to prevent voting corruption. The electors can use their own discretion in voting for a candidate but most electors pledge to support a partyís candidate and base their vote on the popular vote in their state. This system makes it possible for candidates to win an election by winning the majority of the electoral vote even if they receive fewer popular votes than their opponents. So when one goes to the polls and selects their ballot for president, he is actually voting for electors. It is then the electors who will cast the votes and decide who will be the next US president and vice president. In order to vote in a US election a person must be a US citizen over the age of 18. To run for the US presidency, the Constitution states that a person must be a natural-born citizen of the US who is at least 35 years old and has resided in the US for 14 years. Election day is held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. The nation will know who has won the election by that evening or by the next morning. However the electoral college does not formally cast their ballots until they meet in each state on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December. Even though the president and vice president are elected in November, they will not take office until after the inauguation ceremony which is held on January 20th.

Sauteed Salmon and Baked Bluefish

Immigrant's Weekly has launched a new feature - Recipe of the Week. It is an opportunity for you to share your favorite recipes with other visitors to the site. Do you have a favorite dish you prepare to remind you of your home country when you are feeling particularly stressed or homesick? Have you found a new favorite dish in your new land? What substitutes have you used for ingredients you could not find? Submit your recipes to Each week we'll bring you the most taste-tempting, mouth-watering recipes we receive.

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