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Immigrant's Weekly October 16, 2000
Arthur L. Zabenko, Editor
Nina Manchanda, Assistant Editor
Marc Ellis, Chat Transcripts Editor
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RECIPE OF THE WEEK: European Tea Cakes

A Note from the Editors:

More than one person has contacted our offices saying that they had been told by INS that 245(i), the provision of law which allowed some people otherwise ineligible to adjust status, to do so upon payment of a $1000 fee. We called INS and spoke with two live beings, one of whom identified himself as an information officer. He said they had not received any information from the Department of Justice on 245(i), and if it were so it would be posted in the INS web site. Our guess is that someone at INS heard of the passage of (the H-1B bill) S. 2045 and in a burst of enthusiasm or lapse of attention conflated S. 2045 with 245(i). Whatever the source of the rumor, it is evidence that the INS is not a reliable source for the interpretation of or information on immigration law.

After passing a bill which would increase the number of H-1B visas available, Congress this past week passed an increase in the fee employers must pay into a fund to train and educate US workers from $500 to $1000. Neither the increase in the number of visas nor the fee increase will go into effect unless the President signs them into law.

Potential Oversubscription Of Philippines Employment Third Preference
As initially reported in Visa Bulletin 18, the Philippines Employment Third preference category is experiencing very heavy applicant demand. It is expected that this level of demand will require the establishment of a cut-off date in December to hold visa issuances within the annual numerical limits

Immigrant Wives of Silicon Alley Seek Protection From Battering
The Village Voice reports on foreign wives held prisoner by immigration policies that give their husbands complete control over their lives. According to Leslye Orloff, the director of the immigrant women's program at the National Organization for Women's Legal Defense Fund, the current immigration laws are based on the outdated notion that a man owns his family. Under this system, women enter the country on an H-4 spousal visa, which ties their immigration status to their husband's H-1B work visa. When the marriage ends, the woman has to leave the country.

Editor's Note: Congress has passed a law which would provide some protection for battered immigrant spouses. It still needs the President's signature to become law.

Desperate at Dawn: Illegals Beg for Work

An article in the Chicago Sun Times describes the day-to-day life and working conditions of illegal Hispanic immigrants in the Chicago area. Many people work 16 hours a day in order to send money to their families in their home countries.

European Tea Cakes

Immigrant's Weekly has launched a new feature - Recipe of the Week. It is an opportunity for you to share your favorite recipes with other visitors to the site. Do you have a favorite dish you prepare to remind you of your home country when you are feeling particularly stressed or homesick? Have you found a new favorite dish in your new land? What substitutes have you used for ingredients you could not find? Submit your recipes to Each week we'll bring you the most taste-tempting, mouth-watering recipes we receive.

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