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Immigrant's Weekly October 2, 2000
Arthur L. Zabenko, Editor
Nina Manchanda, Assistant Editor
Marc Ellis, Chat Transcripts Editor
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RECIPE OF THE WEEK:    Murghi mein Kaju (Chicken with Cashews)

A Note from the Editors:

Both bodies of Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate have been in session and talking about immigration. The Senate has had active debate on a bill to raise the cap on the number of H-1B visas. The debate has not been about raising the cap. Most of the Senators support that. The argument has been about linking the increase in H-1B visas to other immigration issues. The Democrats tried and failed to include in the H-1B bill provisions that would allow some people from Central America to file for adjustment, an amnesty for people who have been in the United States since 1984 and a restoration of 245(i), the law that allows people who are here illegally to pay a penalty and file for a green card instead of leaving and having to get a new visa. The President has threatened that if these measures are not included in one of the budget bills, he will veto it. Simply having the House or the Senate pass a bill does not change the law. None of the changes become law until both the House and Senate vote for it and the President signs it. The next week may see some interesting changes in the immigration laws as the American political system works in its unique way.

Remarks By The President at Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Dinner
In an address to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus President Clinton spoke about the importance of immigrants in the history of the United States. He pointed out that eight of the 39 men who signed the Constitution were immigrants, including Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury, and the Declaration of Independence was printed July 5, 1776, the day after it was signed, in German because so many of the people who lived in Pennsylvania at that time had German as their first language and spoke limited, if any, English....More

Harvard-Taught Lawyer Among Those Charged In Unprecedented Prosecution
According to a report from the Associated Press carried in the Boston Globe's a lawyer who operated one of the nation's largest immigration asylum firms and seven others were charged Wednesday with enabling smugglers of Chinese aliens to sneak scores of them into the country....More

Murghi mein Kaju (Chicken with Cashews)
An authentic Indian chicken dish using ingredients available in most American grocery stores.

Immigrant's Weekly is launching a new feature-Recipe of the Week. It is an opportunity for you to share your favorite recipes with other visitors to the site. Do you have a favorite dish you prepare to remind you of your home country when you are feeling particularly stressed or homesick? Have you found a new favorite dish in your new land? What substitutes have you used for ingredients you could not find? Submit your recipes to Each week we'll bring you the most taste-tempting, mouth-watering recipes we receive.

Letter To The Editor
The author of the following letter refers to the beating of two undocumented workers as described in this article from the New York Times (registration required).

Dear Editor,

I have a comment on a piece I saw in the TV news this week. It is about the 2 immigrant day workers that were deliberately attacked this week. It states the residents of this long island neighborhood are sick and tired of these people hanging around their neighborhoods and not paying any taxes...More


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