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When filing an I-140 with an approved PERM Labor cert. Which one of the following will be acceptable?
1. U.S. Credentials Evaluation that states, Equivalent to a U.S. Bach degree (containing some college credits with additional work experience, so it's a combination of both to come up with the equivalency)?
OR?,br> 2. U.S. Credentials Evaluation with "stand alone", credits from various colleges or universities, Equivalent to a U.S. Bach degree? (No work this evaluation).
3. Will INS accept both , If not which one is acceptable?

Answer by Catherine Haight:

It depends on what is required on the 9089. If a Bachelors degree is required, then you need the stand alone equiv without work exp UNLESS the 9089 stated that a Bachelors OR EQUIVALENT is required and the equivalent is defined in a manner that includes work experience.

Answer by Elizabeth Reichard:

I agreee with Catherine on this one. It depends what is listed on the 9089. It is always best to have a stand alone evaluation though, so as to avoid confusion. Please note that if you state "Equivalent," you shoud define it. If experience enables the person to have a BA equivalent, that needs to be explicitly stated on the application.