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When providing the job description for PW purposes, we try to send a summary that closely mirrors the job duties in O*NET; cutting out some requirements that may be viewed as special skills. Are we to stick with the same exact job description when advertizing? I know that ads can be sufficient simply if they apprise potential applicants of the job opportunity and so, job title, location and contact may be enough. But is it important to make sure that what we state to the local SWA matches with what we put in the ads, and then the ETA 9089?

How about the interviews? Can an employer reject a US worker who does not have a skill that was not listed in the advertisement?

Answer by Catherine Haight:

The prevailing wage request must include all requirements that are on the 9089. (I.e., you can have less requirements on the 9089 than the PWR but not more.) For advertising you only need to apprise an applicant of the job opportunity so you don't need all the duties and requirements; just enough so an applicant has an idea of what the job it. At minimum, ads MUST include (1) company name (2) job title (3) location of job and (4) how to respond with a resume.

An employer can reject a US worker who does not have a skill that was NOT listed in the advertisement, since each and every req'd skills does not need to be in ad.