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Outline for ILW.COM's Seminar
"Overview Of The Immigration Process"
with Robert C. Divine
Part 1 held on June 26, 2002

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For more info, or to signup by fax, click here.

1. Nonimmigrant (Temporary) Visas and Status

  1. Authority
    1. INA:
    2. 8 CFR:
    3. FAM: -- nitty gritty
  2. Eligibility overview
    1. Choosing a Nonimmigrant classification from the alphabetic options
      1. See for one approach.
    2. Assessing nonimmigrant intent
      1. Is it required? “Home abroad” group, “temporary” group, and other classifications
      2. How to meet the requirement with evidence
    3. Preliminary petitions to INS (H, L, O, P, Q)
    4. Whether and when required, how and whether to avoid
    5. Multiple Locations, employers, and beneficiaries
    6. Filings by agents and contractors
    7. Special petition requirements—return transportation, no strikes or dismissals, other
    8. Packages, Service Centers, Premium processing (
    9. New IBIS checks, need for identity documents
    10. Use of approval notice
  3. Visa applications to a consulate (
    1. Who is visa exempt
    2. Who is subject to special clearances and delays
    3. Where to apply—Section 222(g) limitations, “third country national” issues (, “homelessness”
    4. How to apply:
      1. Completing DS-156 (address, study, violations) and other forms (157, 156E, K) (
      2. Procedures unique to each consulate—consular web sites (,
      3. Determining reciprocity fees (, paying R. and MRV fees ($65)
      4. Photo requirements
      5. Passport validity (
      6. Submitting papers, Interview procedures
      7. Waivers of inadmissibility—nonimmigrant standard, process
      8. Revocation of petitions
    5. Visa refusals (get in writing) and review (
    6. Visa issuance and validity—time and number restrictions, codes, annotations, automatic cancellation, active cancellation
  4. Inspection and admission, parole, withdrawal, or removal, expedited removal
    1. brief summary of the process
  5. Maintenance of status
    1. AR-11
    2. deportability grounds
    3. correcting I-94
    4. replacing I-94
  6. Extension and Change of Status
    1. I-129 Group
    2. I-539 Group
    3. New I-94
    4. Changed circumstances (employment or otherwise)
    5. 30/60 day rule
  7. Visa renewals and revalidation
    1. Renewals in person
    2. Renewals by mail or otherwise
    3. Revalidation in USA (
    4. Automatic revalidation for travel to contiguous territory
  8. I-94 replacement and surrender (