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Is USCIS taking steps to allow the acceptance of an application or petition in the form of digital (audio or video) media as part of Services Modernization?

Answer by Mary Cook:

Services Modernization is not taking steps to facilitate the acceptance of applications in the form of audio or video presentations. In addition to our current technical limitations, presenting an application or petition in an audio or video version may raise policy issues that would need to be considered by the Bureau.

Petitioners do sometimes submit audio or video media (e.g., concert recordings for a symphony conductor, documentaries by a film director, etc.) as supporting evidence when petitioning under certain types of employment-related visa categories. When USCIS does receive this evidence, the originals are stored with the paper files and we have no means to store or access this information through our case processing systems.

E-Filing and the Submission of Supporting Documents Electronically A necessary next step to make the USCIS' E-Filing effort whole is to ensure that we have adequate bandwidth and storage for any supporting documentation submitted electronically. When we are closer to enabling that capability we will publish the standards for transmission.

In the long term, USCIS will begin an effort to interact electronically with other Federal Agencies and/or state governments for verification of documentation that is issued by those organizations (i.e., Labor Certifications, birth certifications, etc.).