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Considering all that has been discussed today about PERM, this is a procedural question:

With the new PERM Guidelines, what is the best recommendation as to where we can obtain the Prevailing Wage? Is there a formal channel to get an official prevailing wage? If so, how long will it take to obtain such data (prevailing wage) accepted by PERM filings?

Answer by Edward R. Litwin:

The best recommendation as to where you can obtain the Prevailing Wage is from the local State Security Workforce Agency (SWA). That has always been the preferred methodology, however, often the Prevailing Wage Determinations came back rather high. Each State SWA has its own Prevailing Wage Determination request form. If you are a member of AILA, they have published most of the request forms. If you are not, please contact your local SWA. Depending on the state, it only takes approximately a day or two to obtain the Prevailing Wage Determination.

If you are dissatisfied with the Prevailing Wage Determination, you can obtain a Prevailing Wage from a published survey and ask that it be substituted for the government survey.

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