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Citations for ILW.COM's Seminar
"Are We All Certifiable?" -- An Insider's Tour Through The Maddening World Of Labor Certification
Part 3 held on April 8, 2004

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Citations from Jeneace O'Brien (CA SWA)

Suggestions for Requesting Prevailing Wages

  • Develop an original description of the essential, basic duties of the position that shows specifically what the worker does, who he does it to/with/for, how he does it, where he does it and maybe even when he does it.
  • Include information that describes the level of responsibility, scope of tasks, level of independence, and complexity of work - - particularly if the position is being characterized as "entry level" so that an appropriate skill level can be determined.
  • Describe the job and limiting factors realistically; avoid language that glorifies or exaggerates the job or that describes business outcomes and business results as opposed to duties.
  • Be cautious with (and perhaps explain) titles and terms that are not specific or can be ambiguous and misinterpreted, for example "manager/ manages," "consultant," "director" are all buzz words that if left to interpretation, could result in a conclusion not intended.
  • When providing alternative survey documentation, make sure that it displays the publication or survey date and is the most current version of the survey; provides a weighted average (mean) wage, not a median; shows the geographical area represented; shows the number of firms that provided data; and includes the job description of the occupational title surveyed and leveling factors, if applicable.

  • General Administration Letter No. 2-98

  • General Administrative Letter No. 01-00

  • Training and Employment Guidance Letter No. 5-02

  • The Standard Occupational Classification Manual can be ordered from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) at
    There is also a link to this website from BLS's site at

    Citations from Joel Stewart

    BALCA Cases Discussed During ILW.COM Teleconference on April 8, 2004

  • V & R Construction, Inc., 2002-INA-154 (BALCA, February 7, 2003) (Labor Cert denied because alien paid as Contract Worker)
  • Compaq Computer Corporation, 2002-INA-249 (et al) (BALCA, September 3, 2003) (Ziegler memo held illegal -- no NOF's can be issued on RIR issues)
  • Crawford & Sons, 2001-INA-121 (BALCA, January 9, 2004) (Landscape Gardeners in the cold climates are not eligible for permanent full-time labor certification)
  • Ranchito Coletero, 2002-INA-105 (BALCA, January 9, 2004) (Sole Proprietor ability to pay not limited to Schedule C)
  • Apex Interiors, Inc., 2002-INA-152 (BALCA, November 12, 2003) (Employer's obligation to contact US workers by certified mail and/or by phone calls)