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Legal Citations for ILW.COM's seminar
"Immigration Implications of September 11th tragedy", Part 1
held on September 28, 2001 - Prepared by Stephen Yale-Loehr

Web site URLs:
* INS web site for general information and links:

* State Department web site for general information and links to consulates:

* State Department web site for specific information about September 11:

* EOIR statement re immigration hearings after September 11:

* Canadian government web site re border crossing delays:

* (AILA information center on effects of September 11 tragedy:

* U.S. Customs Service alert:

* Know your rights information:

* NAFSA practice advisory on disclosing information to federal agencies:

* Angelo Paparelli article on business immigration implications of September 11 tragedy:,0919-Paparelli.shtm

Email contacts:
* David Venturella, detention expert at INS Headquarters:

* Tara Urs, ACLU expert monitoring detention issues: