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Public Disclosure System

The Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC) has received many requests from employers, attorneys, and aliens regarding the status of applications being processed as part of the backlog elimination effort. In order to provide basic case status information on specific cases, OFLC introduces the Backlog Public Disclosure System (PDS).

The purpose of the PDS is to provide a vehicle for employers, attorneys, agents, and aliens to determine the status of an application filed at a Backlog Elimination Center (BEC). Users can access PDS by clicking on the "Check Backlog Case Status" link on DOL's Backlog Centers' webpage or by clicking here.

Once the PDS website is open, users will enter the 10-digit case number which begins with a "D" if the case is located in the Dallas BEC or "P" if the case is in the Philadelphia BEC. (Note: Some cases may have had case numbers staring with "T" prior to completing data entry at a Backlog Center. All such cases have since been converted and now begin with either "D" or "P" which should be used for case status checks on the PDS.)

After entering the case number, the search results will indicate the current case status. Case status definitions are provided at the bottom of the PDS website pages.

If you have questions regarding the PDS, please check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about PDS here.

No Contact from BEC

The Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC) has developed a process for an employer or attorney who believes an application should be pending at the Backlog Elimination Centers (BECs) but for which no contact (e.g., no 45-Day Center Receipt Notification Letters (CRNL), case closed letter, or other correspondence about the case) from the BECs has been received.

In order to provide these employers with the opportunity to have their applications processed while also guarding against potential fraud, OFLC has established specific steps for employers or their attorneys to follow. These steps are outlined in the FAQ located here.

NOTE: This process is only for cases where the employer or attorney has received no contact whatsoever from the BEC about the case. This procedure is not for status checks or other case inquiries. This process is only for employers or their designated attorneys. Alien beneficiaries of labor certification applications are not authorized to use this process.

July 11, 2006, Non-Receipt of 45-day Letters Process for Addressing Related Requests to Reopen

The Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC) is aware that some employers or their legal representatives who have received "case closed" letters may not have previously received a "45-day" Center Receipt Notification Letter ("45-day letter") from the Backlog Elimination Center (BEC) processing their respective cases. In addition, cases may have been closed after employers or their representatives responded timely to a 45-day letter. OFLC has developed a process and remedy available to employers who believe a case has been closed due to issues surrounding the receipt of or response to 45-day letters. To be considered for case reopening, all requests must be received by the appropriate BEC within 30 days of the publication of this policy announcement or within 30-days of the receipt of a case closed letter, whichever is later.