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PERM Session - Detailed Curriculum (Sign Up Deadline is Tuesday, March 1st)

The curriculum for the PERM session of "Running With The Bulls In Immigration Pamplona" on March 3rd is as follows:

What's up with the Backlog Reduction Centers?

  • What is happening at the BRCs?
  • Is FIFO happening?
  • Where are my clients' cases?
  • How long will it take to adjudicate my clients' case and will that be faster than a new PERM case?
  • Can I amend my clients' applications at BRC and then do PERM?
Does PERM Ring the Death Knell on Delitizer?
  • What does PERM require under the "Substantially Comparable" test for on-the-job experience?
  • Will it be a simple test of whether jobs overlap 50%?
  • What are different duties?
  • When is supervising different that hand-on activity?
  • Why are org charts and payroll information relevant?
What's up with Prevailing Wage Practice?
  • Do the new rules require a written rationale for decision on prevailing wage source?
  • Is an employer entitled to a decision on resubmission of a request for prevailing wage determination?
  • How will the new four-level wage system play out?
Does PERM Create New Rules or Just Codify Old Cases and Practices?
  • How does the PERM requirement that an employer consider if a U.S. job applicant is able to learn new skills based on combination of training and experience in a reasonable time differ from former labor certification practice?
  • How does the requirement concerning the ability to learn new skills based on a combination of training and experience differ, if at all, from prior practice?
How Does PERM Recruitment Differ from RIR Recruitment?
  • What’s now required?
    • Two ads or one?
    • Three different steps or repeating the same steps several times?
    • Accounting for all applicants or just those interviewed?
    • How much room is there (given the wording of the PERM regulations) to document recruitment effort in another manner than the specific examples provided, e.g., campus recruitment for experienced workers?
  • NOF's vs. audits: Will CO's allow employers to cure defects or amend applications?
How Do Employers Maneuver through the SOC Job Zones?
  • How are experience and educational levels determined under the SOC job zones?
  • Why do the job zones in the on-line wage database at sometimes differ from the data found at and which database controls?
  • How do attorneys cope with employer job requirements that exceed the job zones?
  • How do employers document business necessity if the job zones are exceeded?
  • How do the SOC job zones impact on obtaining a prevailing wage under the new four-tiered wage system?
  • What is the interrelationship between the preamble remark about conformity with the SOC versus ETA 9089 Question H12? Will a yes still trigger an audit, or, will an analyst apply judgment before issuing the audit letter?
  • Tips
    • On gearing up for the new 4-level wage system?
    • On whether prevailing wage determinations issued by the SWA before 3/8/05 be updated quickly if received?
How Do We Deal with the Clash of PERM Progression and Visa Number Retrogression?
  • What strategies still work?
    • Getting from Third Preference to Second Preference?
    • Using cross-chargeability?
    • AC-21-available strategies when visas backlog?
    • Change of status from L-1 to H-1B to get seventh year extension?
    • Change of status to other viable nonimmigrant categories?
  • Are labor certifications doomed for caregivers, live-in workers, and most non-professional jobs?
What Other Immigration Bulls May Turn Us into Road Kill?
  • How do the rules change when filing for H-1Bs on March 8th?
  • Do you need an advanced degree by March 8th to get an H-1B?
  • Will it be easier to obtain a labor certification approval under PERM than under RIR?
  • What's wrong with taking the chance that a labor certification can be approved without an audit?
  • What do you do to prevent unleashing the Sword of Damocles (the perpetually revocable labor certification approval)?
The deadline to register is Tuesday, March 1st. For more info, including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration information, please see: (Fax version: