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Rupert Murdoch Extols Immigration

Immigration Daily is pleased to bring to our readers a pro-immigration op-ed by Rupert Murdoch. Mr. Murdoch is the head of News Corp, one of the largest media companies in the world, involved in the production and distribution of newspapers, films, television, satellite, and cable tv. We commend Mr. Murdoch for taking the time to write and express his pro-immigration views (we encourage other successful immigrants to follow his lead). Some excerpts:

"In my book, anyone who comes here and gives an honest day's work for an honest day's pay is not only putting himself closer to the American Dream, he's helping the rest of us get there too."
"As Ronald Reagan said at the Statue of Liberty, "While we applaud those immigrants who stand out, whose contributions are easily discerned, we know that America's heroes are also those whose names are remembered by only a few."
"Maybe this is more clear to businessmen because of what we see every day. My company, News Corporation, is a multinational company based in America. Our diversity is based on talent, cooperation and ability. Frankly it doesn't bother me in the least that millions of people are attracted to our shores. What we should worry about is the day they no longer find these shores attractive. In an era when too many of our pundits declare that the American Dream is a fraud, it is America's immigrants who remind us--by dint of their success--that the Dream is alive, and well within reach of anyone willing to work for it."
"... as President Bush realizes, we'll never fix the problem of illegal immigration simply by throwing up walls and trying to make all of us police them. We've tried that for a decade or so now, and it's been a flop. What we need to do first is to make it easier for those who seek honest work to do so without having to disobey our laws. Fundamentally that means recognizing that an economy as powerful as ours is always going to have a demand for more workers."
For the entire article, see below.

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