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Detailed Curriculum For January 31st Seminar

FIRST Phone Session on January 31st:

The H-1B Visa Reform Act and other H-1B Practice Pointers

  • What types of Master's degree holders qualify for the additional 20,000 H-1B numbers?
  • When will filings for the additional 20,000 H-1B numbers be allowed?
  • How will USCIS count the new numbers?
  • How can employers get a second chance to correct public access folders before DOL can issue fines?
  • How do employers apply the new four-level wage system?
  • What does PERM say about automatic H-1B wage increases when employees are promoted?
The L-1 Visa Reform Act
  • Are some Blanket L-1 petitioners grandfathered and still allowed to import blanket L-1B applicants with only six months experience abroad?
  • How can employers dispatch L-1 workers at customer site while avoiding the ban on off-site placements?
  • What evidence should employers assemble now to avoid off-site placement liability for consulting companies, corporate customers and L-1B workers?
  • How should you advise your clients if they are contacted about their L-1 employment practices by the DHS Office of Inspector General?
Immigration Provisions in the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004
  • What are the new statutory requirements for visa interviews and waivers of interview?
  • What new authority exists to revoke approved immigrant visa petitions and approved visas retroactively without notice to the alien?
  • What does the new law say about standards for driver's licenses and birth certificates?
  • How many additional U.S. consular officers, Border Patrol officials, ICE officers and detention spaces does the new law authorize over the next four years?
  • What protections does the new law create concerning privacy and civil rights?
Electronic I-9 Legislation
  • Should employers opt for paper or electronic storage of Forms I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verifications)?
  • What forms of electronic signatures will likely satisfy the new law?
  • How does a digital signature differ from an electronic signature?
  • Under what circumstances should employers consider scanning their existing inventory of paper I-9s and discarding the originals?
  • How does the I-9 Retention Rule and the 5-year I-9 statute of limitations affect the decision to scan existing paper I-9s?
  • What Standards Will the Government Adopt for Electronic Signatures and the Electronic Retention of I-9s?
  • How Will Existing I-9 Procedures Be Integrated with Forthcoming Electronic-Signature/Retention Regulations?
  • Will the Government Also Publish a New I-9 Form and a Streamlined List of Acceptable Documents When Issuing the New Digital I-9 Regulation?
  • What Software Applications Are Recommended When Driving down the Digital I-9 Superhighway?
The J-1 Waiver Relief Act
  • How will the 3000 J-1 waivers for doctors be issued over the next two years?
  • What must an employer do to show eligibility for exemption from the H-1B quota?
  • Which types of medical practice are covered?
  • Under what circumstances can a J-1 doctor serve outside of a medically underserved area?
The deadline to register is Thursday, January 27th. For more info, detailed curriculum, speaker bios, and registration information, see: (Fax version: