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Dear Editor:
Sebastian, in his recent letter, suggests that "Chucky will do better in looking after the "American worker," which sounds like a buzzword from a Marxist manifesto, by supporting free trade, less government spending and individual responsibility." "Free trade" - such as the prohibitions on steel imports imposed by the first Bush administration to appease voters in steel producing states? Or the continued prohibitions on the importation of drugs from Canada? "Less government spending"óby running record federal deficits, fueled by defense spending for a war we started? "Individual responsibility"óbut let the government interfere with my personal decisions about sex and pregnancy? Sebastian also says "free movement of workers" is necessary for free trade. No such thing. When workers move here, that is not "trade", but immigration. We do not "import" just a person's labor, but the person, and usually his or her family as well. They become part of our workforce and our population. Work they produce here goes on our GNP, not on the current account in the balance of trade. Business (and our government) talk out of both sides of their mouths - they want trade protection for businesses while mouthing platitudes about free trade; they want to pay Third World wages in this country, while charging First World prices for the goods produced. As for Sebastian's citing of illustrious immigrants, well, bear in mind the many infamous immigrants who have also "contributed" to this country, including Ponzi who invented the Ponzi (pyramid) scheme, many mafia figures, more than a few rapists, murderers, and child molestors, as well as the 9/11 terrorists.

Ali Alexander