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Dear Editor:
I can believe that ILW.COM wants to remove the cap. It is sponsored by employers/attorneys that work for employers who seek the cheapest workers they can find. The H-1B program is a sham. DOL cannot even verify whether or not U.S. workers exist to fill those job vacancies. The DOL Office of National Program-Foreign Labor Certification Program states "Alien labor certification are generally designed to assure that the admission of aliens to work in this country on a permanent or temporary basis will not adversely affect the job opportunities, wages, and working conditions of U.S. workers." The H-1B program does not look at this. I understand that people from other countries want to come to US to work and send money home to family in need. I would do the same thing. If India, Pakistan, China, and Mexico had a big increase in American workers in their society which effected their citizens, they would send us home. When ICE wants to deport an Indian home, the Indian government charges the U.S. $100 a person and sometimes makes us wait a year to deport them to India. Pakistan, well we are basically funding that country now. China look at our trade deficit. The Chinese government basically makes its citizens work for pennies on the dollar to products to sell in the US at Walmart. The last is Mexico. What would be the effect on American workers if we lowered the cap? Lower the cap and lets see. Yes, the US government is concerned about US businesses. Any US employer would hire a cheaper qualified worker over a more expensive worker. If the US has a deficit of qualified American workers, (which I doubt) then lets train and teach people to fill the slots that US employers allegedly need.

Scott Warren