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Dear Editor:
Despite Immigration Daily's pro-Republican policies, and attempts to put lipstick on this administration's anti-immigration policies, it might now consider the real effects on Americans of these policies. In particular, the effect on the importation of nursing services from overseas. DHS has almost totally shut down H-1B applications for RN H-1Bs and Congress refuses to consider another H-1A. There are other ways to bring in an RN, permanent residence being the best. As of January, EB-3 numbers will be rolled back to I-140s filed in 2001. The effect will be a virtual cessation of RNs coming to the US. The effect on our health care facilities and on the health of our ill and injured, is immense. There will be a heightened death rate, based on a forseeable increase of mistakes made by our overworked and understaffed RN population in most medical facilities. President Bush has a war to prosecute, killing evildoers wherever he finds them. He has obviously decided that our ill, injured and aged citizen population falls into this category, because he is prosecuting a fine war against them as well. For each Iraqi and terrorist he kills, by war, he kills at least one ill, injured or aged American with this policy. Interestingly, this policy will exacerbate the death rate. With the almost total cessation of foreign RNs coming to the US, the aging out of the current domestic RN population and the increased workload caused by the inability of medical facilities to get replacement nurses, the rate of retirement of our domestic RN population will increase. How many deaths does it take for this administration to recognize that it has a very bad domestic policy? Fortunately for the Congress and the President's family, they have very good health plans. The rest of us should be so lucky.

Charles A. Grutman
President, Pilot Employment Agency II, Inc.