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Dear Editor:
I believe the debate generated in these letters is close to acquiring a xenophobic tone. In his remarks, Mr. Alexander appears to highlight the link between the "Hispanic" board member and the "Mexican" child as an alien conspiracy against the American taxpayer. The rent-seeking and entitlement theories do not stand scrutiny. If it were for the tax burden, you would need to expel from the country a great percentage of a specific US-citizen “minority” racial group that is overrepresented both among the jail population and on the welfare payrolls. “Hispanics” were in what is now U.S. territory well before the British arrived and most those illegally here are notably not of European descent, but native Indians so they would have a hypothetical entitlement to the fruits of the land. For instance, many Indian communities were split in half by the U.S.-Mexico border. Additionally, for all that I know, even when I personally back abolishing all the government-funded malfunctioning schools, in 1982 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5 to 4 that undocumented immigrant children are permitted to obtain free government education up to 12th grade. The discussion in immigration should be about fairness, the rule of law, compassion and long-term benefits for this country and its people. Unfortunately, mainly because of the election rhetoric, it is turning more and more into a witch-hunting, anecdote-telling kind of exercise.

Washington DC