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Dear Editor:
I have to say that I am pleased that someone, besides me, thinks that some of ILW.COM's editorial comments are over the top. I was beyond shocked to read the comment on 9/15 "...they have no proposals short of turning America into a Gestapo state where the undocumented would be shot on sight." I very much appreciated the three responses on 9/16. The comment by Timothy Redmond regarding "caring so little for the topic that you can't even be bothered to make a legitimate argument supporting your position" was especially timely. Ali Alexander and I have both made the argument that another amnesty will do nothing to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and will, in fact, only encourage it. This is well documented by the failure of the 1986 amnesty. Our case is further supported by the surge in illegals trying to get into the US after President Bush floated his "guest worker" proposal. You can't argue with facts, and the fact is, amnesty is not the answer to illegal immigration, enforcement is. Unless I have missed it, no one has come up with an argument that disputes what we have said. I also believe Asa Hutchinson is out of touch with "real Americans" if he truly believes they would not support massive deportation of those who break the law. He needs to get out of Washington and move among the small towns and cities and actually talk to people who are being displaced by those who are willing to work for next to nothing. We need strict enforcement of our current immigration law and aggressive prosecution of employers who hire illegal aliens.