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Dear Editor:
What Mr. Hutchinson is claiming is that he himself is not willing to enforce immigration laws because of his own beliefs and interests. If I told my boss that, well, I'd be out of a job in an instant. In this case, Mr. Hutchinson's immediate boss is the President who presumably is using his comments as a trial balloon. However, ultimately it is still the American people who have the strongest say in the debate, and they continue to want enforcement of immigration laws, and reject amnesty, no matter how Mr. Hutchinson and his ilk try to persuade them. The "values" Mr. Hutchinson says the American people have include "fair play", and illegal immigration is not "fair play". Mr. Hutchinson knows full well that enforcement works, particularly interior enforcement and actions against employers, which is precisely why he and those who benefit from illegal immigration do not want it. Will it eliminate all illegal aliens? No. But it will induce many to leave if they are not deported. More importantly, it will not act as a spur to future illegal immigration in the way that legalization would. Mr. Bush's guestworker plan is predicated on the ability to enforce its rules and our immigration laws. Mr. Hutchinson is effectively saying is that even were such a plan to be enacted, its provisions couldn't and wouldn't be enforced.

Ali Alexander