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Dear Editor:
You describe Rep. Tancredo as an "anti-immigrationist." I think this is an unfair characterization of Rep. Tancredo and others who are proponents of tougher immigration laws. I have never heard any of these proponents say that they are "anti-immigration," nor anything to that effect. What they are is anti-illegal immigration, as are most Americans. It is well established that all of us are products of immigration. However, my ancestors did not sneak into this country in the dead of night or blatently overstay their visas and just decide not to leave. They came in through the legal process that has been established by our nation. Just as I cannot come in to your house while you are away, people cannot and should not just walk in to this country. What they do is violate and cheapen the sacrifices and struggles of those who came to this country legally and waited their turn. If I were a person who has waited years to become a permanent resident and went through all the hoops to bring my family here, I would be pretty upset that someone else who jumped the border just gets to pay a fine and they are legalized in a matter of weeks. No one has said that people should not immigrate to this nation. What they are saying is that our freedom and blessings carry a high price. Men and women have and still die for them. To allow it to be given away is a dishonor to those who have watered our liberty tree with their blood.

Norman H. Potts, Texas