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Dear Editor:
It appears Ali Alexander's letter misinterpreted the statement I made in my previous letter. I am not against legality. Individuals should abide to the letter of the law as I personally do. It is the legal immigration system that should be reformed by taking into account the opinion of the incumbents, drafting reasonable laws and devoting adequate resources to their implementation. I am against blanket amnesties. It only helps politicians secure future votes. Second, the flow of immigrants is indeed "natural" if you consider the economic asymmetries mainly across the southern border and the need of U.S. businesses to compete in a global environment with much lower wages elsewhere. It has been demonstrated by the failure of tougher enforcement to make a dent in the human flow across the Southern border. A whole new "underclass" has been created and itís here to stay. Some U.S. residents may have a "natural" desire to stop this flow. However, the only way to achieved self-controlled immigration is to shape it according to the natural laws of economics and human behavior, not through artificial barriers. What is needed is a market-based approach to immigration benefits. If people are willing to pay $10,000 dollars to a "Coyote, " why not establish an auction-for-rights to work temporarily system that funnels legally this potential income. All in all, better economic results and social integration will be achieved without sacrificing taxpayersí money.

Washington, DC