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Dear Editor:
Sebastian maintains in his letter that immigration laws are "unenforceable" because the flow of people across borders is "natural". First, immigration laws are not "unenforceable" as a practical matter. There is no practical reason, even with the technological mishmosh that exists among federal and state agencies, that immigration laws cannot be enforced. In fact, we are seeing increased enforcement of the laws, and a corresponding outcry of protests from people such as Sebastian. When enforcement has been directed against corporations, we've seen political lobbying. What is hindering enforcement of immigration law is not ability, but lack of will by politicians, influenced by parties with vested interests in continued illegal immigration. Secondly, it is also "natural" for human beings in groups to decide who they will admit to membership in a group, who they will not, and what the criteria should be. Coming to the US isn't just a matter of traveling across borders, but presenting yourself for membership in a society. Entering in the dead of night through a window, or entering under false pretenses, isn't the best recommendation I can think of for the character of someone seeking to be an "American". But then, it's doubtful these days that these lawbreakers want anything more than economic benefits, and only seek US citizenship as a means to that end.

Ali Alexander