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Dear Editor:
Regarding Kim Mensha's remarks about ICE and in support (although not "hard core" support) of ICE's efforts to ferret out "terrorists", and other law-breaking illegal aliens. Terrorists or not, the fact is, we have the masses of illegal immigrants in the US largely because of the lack of enforcement by the former INS. And yet they come, and continue to come, notwithstanding the law, because of the big carrot attached to the end of the stick. And who can blame them? Reality suggests the US needs to pass coherent and realistic immigration laws that address the present and future needs of the nation, not pandering to political expediency or vocal special interest groups. The US legislature must rewrite, not revise, the archaic Immigration & Nationality Act, and in its place pass well formulated, enforceable legislation that realistically determines and regulates who is allowed to enter the US, for what purpose, and upon what terms they are welcome to stay. At the same time, the carrot needs to be eliminated, along with the mindset of immigration bleeding hearts that it is ok to allow selective violation of any of our nation's laws, just because they believe the laws may be wrong or unnecessary. And if the laws are wrong or unnecessary, then let's change them, in total, by collectively sending a message to Congress, not by advocating either anarchy or the "ostrich approach". Specifically addressing Ms. Mensha's statement that she does not " . . . believe the profile of a terrorist includes cooks, dishwashers, and landscapers.", neither did it include flight school students, prior to 9/11. Strange world we live in, is it not? Both paradigm and conundrum in these troubled times.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA