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Dear Editor:
Just what is Kim Mensah's letter suggesting? That we not bother with illegal aliens who enter without inspection because it's only those who enter on visas who are terrorists? How nonsensical. If we tighten the formal process for entry, as we have been doing, are terrorists going to throw up their hands and say "we give up"? No, they'll enter illegally. How does one tell someone who has entered with a visa, albeit one fraudulently obtained, and overstays, from someone who is EWI, without holding them? Many who have overstayed also work as kitchen help, cleaning staff, and so on--not just those who EWI. And, having identified them as illegally present, it is a dereliction of duty to ignore their illegal presence. In fact, the presence of many illegal aliens who are not terrorists severely compromises government's ability to identify those who are. Lest Ms. Mensah claim that "legalization" is the route to go, no way. This also diverts resources not only from anti-terrorism efforts (amnesty applicants would still need to undergo security checks), but from the processing of legal immigrants. Some terrorists have also gained legal status and even citizenship from amnesty programs, which facilitated their terrorist aims. Ultimately, the simple fact is that illegal immigrants, whether those who enter without inspection or those who violate visas, terrorists or cleaning ladies, represent a threat to the ideals of law and order, and basic fairness, which is a more insidious threat to America than bombings.

Ali Alexander