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Dear Editor:
It serves nobody good to throw out unsupported and misleading statistics. Perhaps truth would better be served by correspondents to Immigration Daily, who quote sources of statistical information, to cite the authority supporting their claims made. Chucky's letter states, "the facts as they exist are we have 6 million unemployed and qualified Americans who are being overlooked by employers who want to exploit cheap foreign labor at any cost. The increase we have seen in offshoring is employers simply taking it one step further by hiring even cheaper labor in the foreign country itself to gain the purported competitive edge and increase their profit margins. It has very little to do with any H-1B cap." I challenge anyone to documentarily, or by way of reliable statistical information, support the claim that there are 6 million unemployed and qualified H-1B-type specialty American workers in the US, come forward now, or forever hold your peace. Failure to pay prevailing wage may result in a denial of the issuance of a visa at the consulate, and in some instances, where CIS sends an RFE, failure to renew an H-1B Petition at a CIS Service Center, not to mention the specter of employer prosecution for violation of the law. As to offshoring, what it has to do with H-1B visas, is that if employers cannot obtain the labor they need in the USA, they may be forced to go where the labor is, whether or not it is their first choice to do so. Outsourcing often has quality control factors that militate toward paying higher wages to workers inside the US, citizen and alien alike, in order to guarantee local control and efficient resource management. Without an adequate H-1B visa system, employers in many high-tech businesses may have to chose between not getting the work done most efficiently, or not getting it done at all.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA